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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

JuSt a QuoTes

Sometimes, we tend to forget the real reason we live, we tend to forget the important person, and make those unimportant person as important person. We keep making the same mistakes, and when the time we realize about the the mistakes, it just too late. and we do hope, that time will turn back, and we will fixed our mistakes back. That is HUMAN.

*to kamoo, i am so sorry, maybe Allah had destined our fate, one word describes u is happiness. Thanks for all the joy *

Do appreciate the thing you have before you lost it. Keep it tight, so it will never escape from your sight.


*For u,  the love will never fade... <3 *
* TiMe KaSiH DauN KeLaDi, LaiN KaLi DaTanG LaGi *

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